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  What Is Counselling?

Generally speaking, counselling falls in the ambit of “Talking therapy” that allows and encourages people to speak out about their feelings and concerns in a private and confidential environment.  The counsellor provides the person with the much-needed space where the person can be themselves and speak out without having to sound correct, just open up about how they actually feel, without the fear of being judged or criticized and also without any unsolicited advice. This luxury of being able to speak out without any restrictions or having to conform to any norms has been found to be quite beneficial to a lot many individuals.

After thoroughly understanding the person’s situation, the counsellor advises him in a way that improves his situation. With the advent of technology, you can easily avail of in-home counselling services that too staying anonymously if you don’t wish to reveal yourself.

At Liberty our well trained and empathetic counsellors provide anonymous support therapy through Audio and Video calls and at home counselling sessions also. Although we don’t believe that there is any shame in seeking counselling help, we do respect our client’s wishes and strictly adhere to it.


  Do We Really Need  Counselling ?

Counselling  today plays a very significant role in the well being of an individual. We often hear of people ending their life, just because they couldn’t deal with their stress and frustration.
It is important to know that we can approach someone and completely open up to them with complete confidentiality.

Quite often people brush away the suggestion of seeing a counsellor , as they believe that counselling  is only for crisis situation, but they don’t realize that counselling  can help with something as simple as reaching a goal.

A counsellor  offers a helping hand to people who come to them irrespective of their needs and drag them out of their mental rut.
Moreover it is better to seek help rather than keep quiet and suffer. You can always choose to stop the counselling  after you feel you are fine and have made recovery.

There is no compulsion to continue with the session if you find yourself mentally fit to lead a happy and stress free life.

Who Needs Counselling?

Unarguably, we are living in a very competitive world with a lot of pressure to perform and be ‘successful’ as per the society’s standard, which often leads to undue stress in an individual.

This stress leads to a lot of issues like depression, low self – esteem and anxiety, which if left untreated can prove to be fatal.

Usually family and friends serve as our support system but there are many people who are unable to open up or explain their frustration and as such they need the help of counsellor to sort out their problems.

·        Grief Counselling

             ·        Pregnancy & post-pregnancy

             ·        Health Problems & Chronic Diseases

             ·         Behavioral  Issues

             ·        Family & Relationships