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    What Is Diet And Nutrition

    Nutrition is the science or practice of consuming food in relation to a body’s dietary needs, while diet essentially means habitually taken food and drink. The word diet is also used to describe the act of restricting oneself to small amount of food or special kind of food either for some medical reason or to lose weight.

    Good nutrition is essential for a person’s physical and mental wellbeing, and to achieve good nutrition it is important to have a balanced diet. But getting a balanced diet is more difficult than it seems, owing to lack of awareness of what is balanced diet and the preference for junk food over healthy diet. However, this unhealthy diet takes a toll on our body and leads to many lifestyle related diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and obesity to name a few.

    To get a better understanding of healthy diet and good nutrition it is necessary to get a nutrition consultation and diet consultation to embark upon a healthy lifestyle.

Personalized Health Assessment:

Personal health assessment provides individuals with a wealth of information required to manage their health effectively. This will help individuals to prevent health problems even before they occur. Additionally, our health experts help to accurately identify your health issue by taking into consideration your health history and current health status. Their job does not end there. Once your health issue is identified, they help you set goals and create an action plan to achieve the health goals.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching:

We consider our personalized nutrition coaching a game changer for you. We guide you to good health by creating a customised nutrition plan which includes amazing health tips and recipes, 24/7 chat support, continuous expert consultations and regular progress monitoring to help you move closer to your desired goal. We also realize how much calories bother you. That is why we create personalized diet plans keeping the calories you should be consuming each day; no more, no less

Constant monitoring and Support:

Good health management often implies setting the customer on the right track by giving the right advice at the beginning of the program. At Portea, we believe in outstanding health management. Outstanding health management practices ensure that your health advisor continuously monitors your progress and brings you back on the right track, whenever you seem to be going off track.

We have specialized nutrition programs for each of the categories listed below:

  • Family Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Women Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Geriatric Nutrition
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Adolescent Nutrition


Good nutrition is an essential factor in leading a healthy lifestyle. Good nutrition is achieved by means of a balanced diet and some physical activity.

Lack of a balanced diet makes a person prone to diseases, infection and fatigue, while children with poor diet show growth and developmental problems.

Hence, it is strongly advised to avail the services of online nutritionist consultation for proper guidance to a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover the process is very simple, just get hooked to our healthy life program ‘Portea Activ’.


Often we find ourselves questioning the need of a dietician or nutritionist, since a lot of online diet advice is readily available.

But we don’t understand is that the online information is generalised and every one of us have different nutrition needs more so if you are an athlete or someone who engages in lot of physical activity.

A healthy diet plan varies from person to person and is also depended upon your sex, your environment and your age and hence it is advisable to seek a dietician to help you chalk out a healthy diet plan.

There are several online dietician services you can connect with to get nutrition coaching. Or you can also connect with online nutritionist for nutrition consultation.

The benefit of online diet consultation is that you can take advantage of online dietician services from the comfort of your home.